8 Ports fiber optic distribution box for FTTH Free Sample

Fiber Optic Distribution Box Outdoor FTTH Network

Gel Seal Fiber Distribution Box 8 cores IP68 for fast connector

  • Suitable for 8pcs Fiber Pigtails or 1:8 PLC Splitter
  • Easy to install fiber optic components inside
  • Suitable for bunchy & ribbon fibers
  • Aerial, underground, wall-mounting, hand hole-mount- ing, pole-mounting and duct-mounting


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Basic Information

Fiber Optic Distribution Box FDB08E is designed for FTTH Network. It is of IP68 in waterproof use. You can install this fiber distribution box in Aerial, Duct and Underground. As the guidance of proper installation. The ambient temperature ranges from -40 to 65℃.



Capacity 8 cores IP Grade IP68

PP or PE



Impact Test IK 10 Weight 600g/each
Entrance/Exit 2 ports/8 ports Tray Capacity 8 cores (single) 1 pcs
Cable Diameter 05mm~021mm Drop Cable 02mm~06mm


Buy Fiber Optical Distribution Box FDB08E from 8 cores as per your Requirements.

Free Fiber Distribution Box FOSCM8A Sample for Evaluation Quick Delivery on Trial Order & Bulk Order

Well Made Material for Distribution Box Smart Design and Easy to Install

100% Money Refund or Replacement with Quality Problem


Package Specification Carton size(cm) Capacity N.W Remarks
1 small size box 25*16*6 1pcs 0.6-1KG Configuration as per weight
2 big size box 65*49*33.5 40pcs 40KG Configuration as per weight


Main Component


Name of components






1 set

Protecting fiber cable splices in whole

Internal diameter:330*120*110(mm)



1 set

Protecting fiber cable splices in whole

Internal diameter:330*120*110(mm)


Insert plate

2 pairs

Fixing the housing



Fiber optic

splice tray(FOST)

Max 6 trays (bunchy) or

4 trays (ribbon)

Fixing heat shrinkable protective sleeve and holding fibers

Suitable for: Bunchy: 12,24(cores) Ribbon: 3 (pieces)



1 set

Fixing reinforced core of fiber cable and fiber optic splice tray(FOST)


Seal fitting

1 set

Sealing between FDB cover and FDB bottom


Port plug

6 pieces

Sealing empty ports

8      Fixed bolt      1 sets     Fixing the housing


Main accessories and special tools
9 Heat shrinkable protective sleeve

Protecting fiber splices Configuration as per capacity
10 Nylon tie

Fixing fiber with protective coat Configuration as per capacity
11 Insulation tape 1 roll Enlarging diameter of fiber cable for easy fixing

12 Seal tape 1 roll Enlarging diameter of fiber cable which fits in with seal fitting Configuration as per specification
13 Hanging hook 1 set For aerial use

14 Earthing wire 1 piece Putting through between earthing device

15 Abrasive cloth 1 piece Grind the fiber

16 Labeling paper 1 piece Labeling fiber

17 M8 Special wrench 1 piece Fixing bolts of housing and insert plate

18 M10 Special wrench 1 piece tightening nut of reinforced core

19 Instruction manual 1 piece standard installation


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